Thursday, November 15, 2007

Totally have a case of the "mondays"

Ok so I know I have been sort of quiet for the past couple of days. In all honesty, I have been in sort of a funk.Do you ever get in a mood that you just can't seem to shake? Well that's how I've been the past 3 days. I guess I didn't think anyone would notice if I took a little "blog break". Apparently I was wrong. America is just on the edge of it's seat waiting to see what my little maniacs will do next.

In all honesty, 3 days went by and you didn't miss much. Monday was Veteran's day so there was no school. So in my genius I thought a trip to JJ Jump would be the best way to spend the day off. If you are unfamiliar with JJ Jump, let me fill you in. It's a giant warehouse of sugared up ankle biters jumping on enormous inflatable slides and jungle gyms while radio disney blares in the background all the while seizure inducing strobe light flash. Good times. Not the best thing to drag me out of a grumpy mood.

All 3 of my kids took off in separate directions so I couldn't really keep up with any of them. I figured my best bet was to follow Peanut seeing as he could easily get mowed over by one of these lunatics. I could barely keep up with him though. He took off in a full sprint. Right about the time I got a visual on Peanut, Sunshine took a header into another kid and bonked noggins. So I'm trying to comfort Sunshine, locate this other kid's parents and keep Peanut from wandering up an enormous rock wall. All the pieces fell together and everything turned out fine...until... some vile woman who had been shooting me dirty looks since we set foot in the place, had the nerve to confront me and remind me that "if I can't keep track of all my kids...then maybe I shouldn't bring so many in here by myself."We had already been there for a couple hours so it was time. Right about then I had about been pushed to my limit with JJ Jump and I was ready to go. So I packed up screaming kids and we went home where I could pout in the privacy of my own house. I thought I was doing a pretty ok job, but I guess I was fooling no one.

So basically I have been quiet because I just didn't want to bring down the house and be a total buzz kill. the past couple days have been a bit of a reflection trying to determine what exactly I'm doing wrong if I can't go out in public with kids. Other people do it all the time. I hate feeling like a hack.

And on that are some cute pictures of the kids at JJ Jump.


heidi said...
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heidi said...

You are not a hack. This is exactly what I feel like when I go out in public. Mine can be lunatics right along with the rest of them. I bet that nice woman had one kid she was watching, right? Maybe she should have offered to help out.
I'm trying to picture the last thing I took all three of mine to. It's pretty much a fog. I think they're all hermits now.

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