Saturday, November 3, 2007

Feeling a little bit better ** Please note that these pictures were from last year!!


I realized after I posted this that someone was just going to look at the pictures and freak out without reading this post. Not in the hospital again. Repeat....He is NOT in the hospital!!!

Peanut is feeling a little bit better. His cold symptoms are almost gone. But the asthma attacks just keep hanging on. I have emergency medication I keep on hand for this very occasion, so I'm pretty skilled in handling this.

Last year from the day he was born until his 1st birthday we accumulated 9 visits to the emergency room and a total of 8 days in a specialized pediatric ICU. Hooked up to breathing ventilators and feeding tubes. His first visit to the PICU was at 25 days old. It was really scary. I took a couple pictures while he was up there just to remind me how REAL it really was, because at the time it felt very surreal.

I keep this picture in my bible to remind me to count my blessing and remember gratitude. Sometimes it's easy to get caught in the "drama of the moment" with silly day to day squabbles. When you get faced with life threatening moments regarding your child, nothing else really seems as important. I don't care if my cable bill gets paid on time or my laundry sat wet in the washer overnight. Nothing is quite as important as making the most of my time with my kids and husband and truly appreciating them.

Of course I say that as I have my back turned to a giant pile of dishes and about 75 loads of laundry that still needs to be folded and put away :) Tonight I am going to ignore that stuff and play with my kids.


Erin said...

Ok lady this one made me cry!

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