Monday, December 31, 2007

"Doctor, Doctor, only hurts when I do this...."

This is what happens when you give an extreme animal lover a Doctor's kit for Christmas. I knew it would only be a matter of time before she was giving "jorge" the giraffe CPR.

....Well she checked all his was his only option. It was touch and go for a while, but she pulled him through. She is the best in her field.............

So I says Doctor, doctor...I think I'm going minute I think I'm a tee pee....the next I think I'm a wigwam. The Doctor says your problem here is you're too tents (tense)

.....wakka wakka.....

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Beach pictures!!

So I realize it would take far too long to explain all of these pictures from our grand getaway.(That and frankly, who cares except those involved, but luckily those involved read this blog.) But instead I thought maybe someone might be interested in a slideshow. However if you are not, now would be an excellent time to check out. I wouldn't hold it against you. Although if you have been reading my blog thus far , you are aware of my complete narcissism and my need to show the world just all the super cute things my kids do on a daily basis. So get over it.

Having said that....I will give a couple descriptions....The ones that look like we were bowling in the living room are actually us playing our new Wii. For the 3 people on planet Earth that don't know what that is, it's an interactive video game system that makes you move around as if you were actually playing the sport. It's really fun......Also, there is one of Peanut where it looks like he is strapped to a chair. Well that is pretty much what is going on there. Our house came with a lot of things, but a high chair was not one of them. So we improvised. It worked just fine. It's just a little ghetto.


Back from the beach

So my family and I have been at the beach for the past 4 days. We just got back this afternoon. My in-laws rented out a beach house between Lincoln City and Depot bay. It was enormous. We had room for my whole family, my Mother and Father in law and my Sister in law. Really we had at least 2 or 3 full size beds left over.

We had a lot of fun doing a whole lot of nothing. The kids played in this giant house hide and seek or whatever. I did a lot of scrapbooking and got caught up on my magazine reading. Mr. jaxonfive worked on his music and in between all that we played a lot of video games. But that is a story for another post.

The house was part of a hotel complex, so we got to use their pool (which the kids and I loved, but I couldn't convince Mr. Grumpy pants (The Mr.) that it wasn't too cold) plus we were ocean front so we could just take a walk and we were on the beach. Ok, granted it's December on the Oregon coast (Brrrrr) but we bundled up and had us a great time.

I have way more pictures and stories, I just thought for now I'll just get some of the highlights up for now and I'll sort through the rest tonight. My best posts come when I don't have kids in my hair. And we all know that doesn't come until like midnight, after the last potty break and glass of water.

So stay tuned......

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Little girls....

Little girls are sooo much fun. not that the boys aren't fun too, but there's something awesome about totally not being able to play with princess dolls without wearing the proper princess attire.
I was just getting us ready to go to the beach and she went off and played quietly by herself. she does this a lot. But when I go to find her...this is what I find.

What a nut :)

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Zoo Lights

So tonight we got all bundled up and went out to the zoo lights. Our zoo goes really elaborate on the lights and it's really cool. We have a membership, so we go a lot and have been watching them put up lights and get geared up for it. They start putting up lights in about September. You can practically see the lights from space. They also have a little steam train that goes all around the zoo and light exhibits. You don't really see any animals, but the lights are the main attraction.

It was really cold, so we only stayed for about an hour or so. Good thing we have a pass. That is exactly why we have the pass , so we don't have to see everything every time. If we need to leave early, we don't have to tough it out to get our money's worth.

I got a lot of really cool pictures though!

Now I need to spend the rest of my evening packing for our beach trip. My in laws are renting out a house right on the shore for 4 days. We have been looking foreword to it for months. It's a nice little getaway in the winter. I'm pretty sure we will still have Internet there, so I'll try to post along the way.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wow!.....No words.....

This is wicked awesome if you know my daughter. She is one of those kids who was just born cool. I very rarely "catch her in the act" of just being a silly kid. She is always composed and and never just acts like a spaz.

But today my husband caught a rare glimpse of her. She was playing with one of her new Christmas toys and singing along to the demo song. But what is funny is she doesn't realize just how loud she is singing. She cracks me up.

Although I think my favorite part here is when she has to take a break in the middle to get a drink. She doesn't want to miss a beat so she stops the music, then resumes like nothing happened. What a nut :)

A White Christmas?!!!

So I have lived in Oregon the majority of my life. Save for a whole lot of time spent in Alaska with my other family. And in my 32 years I have never once had a white Christmas here. Until now.

So we are at my Aunt and Uncle's house opening more presents when Sunshine looks out the window and says..."it's snowing!!!" We all stop and look and sure enough it was coming down really hard and in great big flakes! This is the first real snow of the winter and we get it on Christmas day! How great is that!?

Of course the kids are freaking out to get out and play in it, but I make them finish what we were doing and then get home to put on the proper "playing in the snow" clothes. Of course by then it had mostly melted and the magic moment had passed. But it was a total "Bing Crosby moment" even though it lasted only a couple minutes.

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Christmas morning

After a night of being up a couple times every hour with Peanut being sick, we sort of slept through the kids downstairs pawing through their stockings this morning. We did however awake to Bug patiently sitting next to the tree looking through the contents of his stocking and wondering when we were going to get up and join him. If you'll notice in these pictures, the sun isn't even up yet. I shudder to think what time he actually got up and started his wait. I was up with Peanut around 4:30 and he was still in bed, but at 6 he was up and waiting.

Everyone got up and opened presents and had a good morning. Luckily Santa knew just what everyone wanted. He even got a present for our whole family, a Nintendo Wii which we (just me and Mr. Jaxonfive) have already taken out of the box and played several times. (once the kids are in bed)

Even Peanut had fun playing with his new toys and wrapping paper every which way.

**By the way he is feeling much better. He's just tired. It takes a lot out of you being sick.

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Christmas eve episode II

So after we opened presents and did our thing here at our house, we moved the party over to my in law's house. They always have Christmas eve at their house and it's always awesome. Tons (more) of good food and family. Throw sugared up kids,dogs and presents on top and you have a party. My mom and her friend also went with us.

The kids opened most of their presents over there. (Except for the special ones that santa brings) Everyone got what they wanted. Within reason. We really had nowhere to put the real pony that Sunshine asked for.

We even had an oppertunity to take a picture with all four generations.

Only flaw with the evening was....Peanut ran out of steam so we put him down to bed in Grandma's room where he has a paypin set up. About an hour later he wakes up screaming. He was all congested and stuffed up. Somehow the panic of waking up in a strange place and not feeling well on top threw him into an asthma attack. So he was a screaming ,whiny, wheezy mess.That now was so worked up that he would not go back to sleep. So we had to cut our evening a little short to get him home and give him a nebulizer treatment. That is about the only thing that rescues him out of an attack. He was pretty far into it too. I was worried that I was going to have to take him into the emergency room. But with a lot of steroids and a pretty sleepless night he was able to come out of it.

It sucks! They hit from out of nowhere and can just throw him into a tailspin really fast. He just seemed to pick up a little touch of a cold, but it was enough to make him wheeze. Sometimes that all it takes to trigger an attack.

Medical emergency was a great night :)

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Christmas eve Episode 1

So every year we do Christmas eve at our house with my Mom. This year was no real exception. Although we had planned to go to a candlelight service at the church. (which we didn't get the house and food done in time, so my mom took the kids and went and we stayed home and finished up)

It was really nice. We had the five of us, plus my mom and her friend Rod. We had lots of awesome "once a year food" that we will be paying for on the treadmill for months. But it was worth every bite.

We ate (more like grazed) and visited. Then we opened presents.

Then the evenings festivities continue over at my in laws for the main event.

Stay tuned......

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Why wait for Santa?

Why wait when you can just wrap all your own presents up? Sunshine was so excited for Christmas that she just started grabbing her own toys from around the house, coloring notebook paper and wrapping them for under the tree. when I realized what she was doing she had quite a spread going. It kept her entertained for a couple hours though. She did however go through a whole roll of tape.
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Monday, December 24, 2007

Ok just one more....

Just one more and I promise I won't do any more videos. It's a cheap trick. It won't happen again. I just had to share this with the world.

My husband is shaking his head in disgust as we speak. I can't seem to watch it with a straight face. There is something wrong with me.

Merry Christmas eve!

I admit I stole this video off of another blog, but I thought it was cute.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Distrubiting all those cookies

Today we had the big job of putting all those thousands of cookies that I made the other day, and making up gift plates for all of our neighbors. We don't really have the friendliest neighborhood, but I guess it only takes one person to reach out and maybe if nothing else we can get to know them. I mean we've only lived here 7 years. If not now, then when?

So the kids and I made up these monstrous goodie plates and walked around the neighborhood hitting all of our neighbors. Some weren't home, but we'll get them tomorrow. It felt pretty good doing something nice for no particular reason other than I just felt like doing some baking. Random acts of kindness are always awesome like that :)
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One more time....and this time with feeling!

So Bug had his big Christmas musical production last night. His Sunday school class has been working on this since Halloween and when I say working on...I mean rehersing like it was going straight to Broadway. Twice a week evening rehersals and every Sunday was mandatory rehersal time. It got a little silly. But we witnessed the glorious production that was "Dr. Newheart's Christmas cure."

Bug had a big solo and everything. He was a rapping (dis)orderly. Hence the scrubs and the sunglasses. Because sunglasses give rappers their edge.

It was cute. I know the pictures aren't the greatest, but in true form we didn't get there early enough to get a seat up front.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas cookie time!!!

There may be something seriously wrong with me. Every year i go overboard on the holiday baking. But this year I think I out did myself.

I have been baking cookies around the clock for the past 3 days. I have made 9 different types of cookies and 2 different gingerbread muffins. What is funny about all of this is, I am not really baking for anyone in particular. We don't really eat this stuff and nobody requested it or anything. I just got a wild hair. It seems like everybody else was doing it this time of year, so i thought I'd join in. Silly as it is, I totally blame peer pressure. So just to clarify here...I made literally close to 1000 cookies for no real reason other that it seemed like a good idea.

Just in case they come and haul me away, I made sure to document my madness in case some of you may not believe me

Who liknks to me? Ask me how....just kidding. Just click here.