Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lover man....

Well it has finally happened. It happened sooner that I had expected, but my little Bug has discovered girls.

I am treading sort of lightly here as I don't want to publicly embarrass him or anything, but it was just so cute and shocking at the same time I couldn't not share.

So he's at the kitchen table coloring a picture and I notice this picture. It really elaborate. I look closer and we've got rainbows and trees and 2 people under the rainbow holding hands. So I ask...

Me- "Wow thats pretty cool who are these people under the rainbow? Is that you and me?"

Bug-"No thats me and *Mary*"

Me- "who's that!!?? Is she a little girl you go to school with?"

Bug- "Yeah she's pretty much my girlfriend."

Me-(Sort of shifting uncomfortably in my seat) "Oh really?"

Bug- "Yeah and I'm totally her BIG Lover Man."

**Ok I couldn't even hold it together at this point. I just bust up laughing

We then sat down and had a long talk about how he's too young to be chasing girls, as there will be plenty of time for that later. Plus the importance of respecting girls...blah blah blah... You get the picture. It was not a real comfortable talk to have.

It turns out his "new friends" at school have all sorts of older siblings and are allowed to watch any TV they want. I knew we would run into this in public school, but I just didn't expect this sort of thing in 1st grade. I was wrong. Oh well it happened. Not much I could do about it now other than fight it from the home front.

By the's the fabulous art that started it all and a picture of Bug holding his prize looking very embarrassed for being discovered.


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