Sunday, November 18, 2007

Best mom ever!!!

So my husband is gone tonight recording a CD for his press kit, so I'm alone with the kids tonight. Which isn't really all that unusual as I'm alone with them most of the time. But something about not having another adult around makes me throw responsibility to the wind.

Brittney has nothing on me!!

Tonight the mood struck me to make chex mix. Something I haven't made in years. But tonight I could not rest until I made and consumed some. So Bug and I joined forces and worked together to create THE best batch of chex mix the world has ever known.

Seeing as I had the grand desire to make this up at like 4:30 tonight....I thought," hey there are grains and stuff in here. That's sort of healthy."Let's make a picnic dinner, throw in some know for healthy factor...and just eat this for dinner. We ate enough of it really to call it a meal. And to top it off...we ate ice cream for desert.

Didn't Bill Cosby do a stand up routine about chocolate cake? Same thing here.
Mom is great.....


Anonymous said...

What a mom. Well, this isn't quite about this post, BUT you have inspired me! I am going whole grain... again. I will watch your progress, and while fully intending to spur you on, will secretly be hoping to "win" in this battle with you against the body.

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