Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Great Dentist experience

So today Sunshine got her first dentist experience. She handled it awesomely.(is that a word? It is now)
She marched right in there, did her X rays and even let them floss and use the turbo scrubber on her.

It's funny though, one of the things I have always hated about the dentist, not the drilling or the shots that never seem to numb anything, but the glaring light they shine 4 inches in front of your face. My eyes are really light sensitive (which explains why you can hardly ever get a picture of me without my sunglasses on. It's not that I think I am cool or anything, it's just that it is painful to be outside without some super strong protection on my eyes) But with the kids dentist, they have an awesome solution. They get to pick out silly sunglasses to wear while they get worked on. Brilliant!!

Sunshine picked out rainbow ones. So she kicked back in the nice lounge chair they have with her shades on and let them get into her mouth and work.

What a trooper!

What is funny is for a brief moment while they were flossing her teeth a I had a small panic that they might find bits of toilet paper in there (see earlier post). But luckily that didn't happen.

Need some more fiber in your diet?


So Sunshine was in going potty and she had been in there for a while so I checked in on her. I opened the door to see her with her teeth sunk into the roll of toilet paper.


Me- "What on Earth are you doing?"

Sunshine- "I wanted to see what it tasted like."

Me- "So....what does it taste like?"

Sunshine- "kind of dry"

Me-"yeah that the extra absorbency.Get the TP out of your mouth and finish up."

** A sentence I never though I would utter, but you find yourself saying the weirdest things in parenthood.

It reminded me of a friend of mine that had a 3 year old boy that was potty training. He discovered how to tear his pull up off at the dinner table. Charming. His Dad then yelled "No private parts on the table!"

Sound advise :)
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Boy Scouts it is.

So along with the start of the school year came the activities. Since we were knew we were not going to do Awana again this year, we looked into boy scouts. As soon as we looked into it, to Bug got super excited and wanted to do it. So we went to a couple meetings and got the gear and now it's official.

I think this is going to be a really good fit being around a bunch of other rowdy boys doing "Boy things". They teach all kinds of useful things too.

Plus it's a lot cheaper than karate :)

Plus you get to wear a nifty neckerchief. Where else can you do that outside of 1979?
I think we should bring them back.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wii are back in business!!....Get it?

Ok despite my love/hate relationship with our Wii, really I do love more than hate. Even though it tells me I am fat and gives me a grossly inaccurate age, I still sort of like the little guy. What can I say, I am a glutton for punishment.I have a bit of an abuse seeking personality. I can tell the Wii really likes me, it just doesn't know how to show it.

Well so we got the Wii fit a couple weeks ago. We loved it we hated it, it told us what we needed to hear. I like to call it tough love. We got exactly 2 days out of it when suddenly it wouldn't take disks. It was like there was something jammed in where the disc goes that was blocking the way. My husband fiddled and tinkered and tried to figure what was going on, but in short he would have to take it apart to really find out what was going on. Problem with this is...Nintendo is really sneeky about using special tools when they assemble their products. So you can't just take a screw driver to it an open it up. You have to take it to a special Nintendo repair company. Which is very expensive for a seemingly simple project.

But luckily my husband knows to hit up a few nerd forums on the interwebs to ask for advise. He found a company that sold the special tool needed, so we ordered it. After 2 weeks of anxiously waiting for it to arrive from Hong Kong (yeah really) it finally arrived.

He took it apart last night and found the culprit.

That's right a dumb plastic spoon from a play kitchen set.

Wonder how that got there?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Only a month away!!

Ok I know it's not like Christmas or anything, but next to Christmas, my favorite holiday is Halloween. In my 33 years, I have never not dressed up. Is that weird? I don't know, but it is a fact. And to boot, I have no shame about it. I loves me some Halloween.

I already have my costume lined up and Rockstar is still working on his. It need to be epic to out do costumes of years past. Let us not forget last year's awesome ensemble...

In case you are having a hard time placing that ugly woman, it's Courtney Love. The one on the left I mean.

So what are we going to do this year you may ask....well that as of now is top secret.
But I do need help trying to figure out what Peanut is going to be. I set up a poll there on the right with my top 3 ideas. I just can't seem to decide on my own, so I am asking for help. I need to start thinking about it now because if you wait too long, all the good costumes are gone.

So c'mon! Help a sista out.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Turns out I am the dancing queen.

So I do have a confession. I love to dance. It's true. I spent the better part of my early twenties in seedy techno clubs.

But these day...when the kids go to bed....my husband and I break out the mirrored ball and polyester pants.....well you get the idea.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What does Peanut say?

I know that everyone goes through this phase with their own kids, but it always cracks me up with the sounds that they come up with.

BTW ....Nana is my Mom and she accidentally burped one night when she was eating over here and sonic ears here not only caught it, but now forever more Nana's sound is a burp.

Nothing but class here.

** I should point out here that my Mom isn't some sort of champion burper or anything. She does have manners. Just to clear her good name.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunshine's first day of school!!

At long last Sunshine finally started school. She has been soooo excited about starting school and had a hard time watching Bug start 2 weeks ago but not go herself. She is going to a Preschool in a church up the street so it is an easy loop to drop both of them off in the morning. She is only half days , three days a week, but it is a big step for her.

Also she is totally pumped to be in the same class as her best friend from her Awana class. I found out which school she was going to and requested to be in the same class. Clever, no? They spotted each other from across the parking lot and ran toward each other. I think they had their arms around each other for the rest of the day. It was pretty cute.

She had a great day playing and painting. She even wrote out her name. (Just like Bug she informed me) As soon as she got in the car she said "I want to go to this big girl school everyday"

I told her she's in luck.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The company picnic

So today we went to my husband's company picnic. He works for a local utility company that has a lot of employees that also once included my father in law and now currently includes my mother in law. We are just one big PGE family. (Portland general electric)

So with a big company and a lot of employees, you need a big place to have said company picnic. This year they held it at Oaks park. It is our local amusement park. We had all access passes through the park which meant unlimited rides and roller skating. With our big family , we took advantage of every inch of that place.

Bug was not feeling it for any of the rides. He's not much of a ride kid. He likes to be in control of his surroundings at all times and nutty rides play no part in that. He's just like his Dad. My poor husband and Bug were getting anxious just watching some of these rides.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Sunshine and I were dying to get on them. My father in law wanted to go on them too, so between the three of us, I think we about hit every ride in the place. There were a handful that we didn't make it on, but I will save them for next time.

We also went roller skating for about an hour. I always forget how much fun it is and how much work it is. You use muscles that you use nowhere else but in roller skating. We had a good time.

We got some great pictures of the day. My personal favorites are the action shots in the rides.

Like here we have Sunshine the fearless on the roller coaster with Grandpa.

This one was taken as I was cruising top speed spinning through the air on this thing .

This is My father in law with me going upside down on the roller coaster.

Then here is just a sideshow of the whole day as there were too many cool shots to put them up individually.

Needless to say we had a great day.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The wonders of the Wii fit

So we have a new past time here at the Jaxon household. We have been blinded by the wonders of the Wii fit. If you have never played with one of these I invite you to come over (if you actually know me, if not that may be awkward) and give it a whirl.

For those of you that don't know what this wondrous devise is....it is a board that you stand on that connects to the game system that has sensors to see where you distribute your weight and where your center of balance is. Essentially it is a game that makes you get off the couch and exercise....and it knows if you are really doing it or not. Not only that, but it corrects you and lets you know if you are standing with proper posture while doing it. It really is cool. Plus it tracks how long you play and tells you if you have gotten a REAL workout or not. It also tracks your weight and BMI (body mass index) progress as you play. It is really cool. It gets the whole family off the couch. We are all fighting for a turn.

Only problem I have with it thus far....it takes your weight, height, age and how you distribute your weight and calculates what your "body age" is. Now this is not your actual age, it is just how old it perceives you to be according to the variables. My husband hopped on and his calculates to be 29. Considering he's 30, thats pretty dead on. Mine however....wait for it.....51. ??????!!!!!!WHAT!!!! Ok I am 33!!! Already we are off on a bad foot. When you play most wii games it assigns you a little person that looks like you called a mii. (cute huh?) Well I had my cute little mii that really did look like me. (Or what I would like to look like.....you know if I were a cartoon character) She was a cute little mini me. Well once you tally up your weight and BMI it changes your mii accordingly. So now I have a pudgy mii. .....Thanks, I was hoping I would get a kick in the teeth and scrutinized about my weight by a computer. I just don't get enough of that in my own head :) Plus it gives you handy reminder notes like "why don't you put down that bowl of Doritos, get off the couch and get moving fatty?" Awesome. Thanks.

But despite the games tough love approach with me, I do enjoy playing it. My personal favorites are Yoga and there is an awesome hula hoop game. I am a former hula hooping champ. Something you may not have known about me. It seems that Sunshine is following close in my footsteps.

The kids love the Yoga too. They did pretty well considering it is really slow and mellow. As yoga should be.

Peanut tried to play along and when the yoga instructor said to touch you toes, he did just that. It was too hard to do it standing up, so he laid on his back to do it :) He followed directions.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Peanut turns 2!!

Well today was my little Peanut's second birthday. It really feels like he's still a newborn. These past 2 years have flown by. But at the same time , I can't remember what it was like not to have him. Weird how that works. Even weirder , I have a really hard time trying to remember what my life was like before I had kids. Quieter and less sticky I would imagine. I don't know. My brain sort of fold in on itself if I think about it too much.

But anyhoo, back to Peanut. We had pizza and ate out back in the gazebo. We had the grandparents over and just had a mellow low key party. We ate cake and opened presents. Nothing fancy. It was nice having everyone over though.

Hours of entertainment

How to entertain a toddler.

1 window
1 hose
1 spray nozzle.

He is mesmerized and freaked out all at the same time. He flinches each time the spray hits the window, then squeals when he realizes it is not getting him wet.

What a nut.
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st day of school !!!!

It has finally come!! I don't think any of us slept a wink last night. The kids were up at first light in giddy anticipation. Bug even brushed his teeth (twice) without being asked. (because once is never enough)
I was the crazed mother in his classroom dragging children behind me and snapping pictures. I am sure all the other parents were making mental notes to stay away from us because we were most likely obnoxious.
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Poor Bug was all but shoo-ing me out of the room . He is pretty independent.

At long last the second grade is here!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

What a guy!!

When I found out my husband was going to Chicago for work, I had one thing and one thing only that I wanted him to get me while he was there. I mean I do like my cheezy souvenir shot glass and magnets, but what I really wanted was for him to go to Harpo studios and get me a picture. ...(and also something from Oprah's store)

Not many husbands would actually make good on a request like this. But this one came through with flying colors. He got me an awesome travel mug from her store. He was walking around the city, so he opted not to get a bag to have them put the mug in. A bag as it was pink and had "OPRAH" in huge letters on both sides. He really didn't want to carry that around the city.Can't say I really blamed him. I mean he did survive the whole pink phone humiliation, but a guy can only go so far.

You can't really see it unless you look really hard, but it says "Harpo studios" on the awning.
Seriously. How awesome is that? Pretty darn awesome :)
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1st day of school eve!!!

It's finally here!!! We made it through another summer with our sanity (sort of) intact. I went school supply shopping the other night and couldn't help but think of this brilliant commercial while skipping through the aisles humming this song.

Happy back to school!!

Who liknks to me? Ask me how....just kidding. Just click here.