Sunday, November 4, 2007


Fall is by far my favorite time of year. But another one of my favorites is the first taste of eggnog of the season. I LOVE eggnog. You would think that after working at Starbucks I would be burned out on the taste or especially the smell. Which by about January I am. But for now I will drink it straight out of the carton and cream my coffee with it. This morning, every sip of my coffee I can't help but say out loud how good it is. Finally Bug (Tactful as he is) says "alright you love it...we get it. Now enough already!!" It totally made me laugh. Not because my kid is speaking to adults like that,(because that is a whole issue unto itself that may receive it's own blog post one day) but it made me laugh because I had already drank 2 full cups of coffee and probably made a comment with each sip. That WOULD be annoying. Duly noted.

"Sorry buddy. I'll lay off the "Bask in the glory of Eggnog!" talk.....But I mean really....have you tried this? I think it's better this year that it was last year. This is soooooo good!!!!"

Ok......I can hear your eyes rolling!!


Erin. said...

Oh the egg nog, my very favorite!! No rolling of the eyes here only envy as I have not had any yet this year! My favorite is getting an egg nog latte that literally weighs eight pounds and sucking down all three thousand of those calories before I even get back to the car. Thank you Lord for Egg Nog!!

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