Monday, November 19, 2007

Girl mail

So sunshine has been suddenly intrigued and consumed with the entire concept that you put things in a mailbox and they end up in someone else's house. It all started this week as I got a catalog that came from a store that we go to all the time. She became fascinated with mail. She and Bug have been playing "post office" all week.

So I saw her coloring a picture out of a coloring book, then rip out the page. I didn't say anything, I just watched all nonchalant like. She then proceeded to grab a toy out of her toy box. This time it was a book. She then licked the picture she just colored.(EWWW) and wrapped it all up in a slobbery wet paper ball. She then went and put on her boots and coat and went out front. I followed with the camera in hand.

Sure enough she went and put it in the mailbox and dropped off her mail. When she came back in, like nothing had happened....I asked her,
Me- "what did you just do?"
Sunshine-"had to mail something"
Me-"really what?"
Sunshine-"Girl mail...for girls only."
Me-"alrighty....I'm a girl can I go and get it?"
Sunshine-"Don't be silly, you're not a girl, you're a mom!!"
Me-"But moms are girls too"
Sunshine-" Alright now you're just freaking me out." foreword....2 hours. I wanted to get out there and get that stuff out of the mailbox before it really starts to rain and those books are destroyed. So I try to sneak out there and she chases me out yelling the whole time "NOOOOOOO!!!!! Now my girls aren't going to get their mail!!!!" I explained to her that we were just pretending and now we were done and the rain would ruin the mail. That explanation didn't really fly with her.

She is still pouting. needless to say, she was not amused.


Nana(hazziey) said...

I laughed so hard.....that last picture was so funny. Nana will send a letter to Sunshine so she doesnt have to make that unhappy face. Good job...This is why you raise your own kids. So you can be there for these moments.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where she got the phrase "Alright now you're just freaking me out" from? I think I heard it at Bunco the other night. LOL

Anonymous said...

OK, that's my new favorite story ever. AWESOME! I love that she was sending slobbery coloring book pages to "her girls" and that she said you were freaking her out. And that last photo in the series, is completely priceless. God, I think I'm in love with your Blog.
xoxo, Rhandi

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