Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dumbest pet ever.

So we are total pet people. Always have been. Currently we are running low on animals as we only have 5 right now.

Thats Libby the beagle,2 cats (Merlyn and Annabelle) and our newest addition...2 hermit crabs. Their names are Joe and Whitey. The kids named them by the way...isn't that obvious. But normally we have a regular ark under our roof. We've had numerous cats, birds , fish , turtles and frogs. We just like to keep Petco in business truth be told. It just doesn't feel like home if it's not mad chaos :)

Well so the kids are way into these dumb crabs and I'm just not quite sure what the deal is with them. Next to the pet rock, these just don't make sense. They are plain old crabs, but their shell has been painted so that they aren't as boring. Thing is....they do nothing!! They hardly move and it's not like they are cuddly or anything. But in true American fashion, if you sell sand and accessories and cute stuff to put in a tank in the mall....idiots like me will shell out money for a fancy shelled animal to bury themselves in their over accesorised tank.

What's kind of funny is the kids seem to think these are the cutest pets we have. Like they talk to them in baby talk and pet their shell like it's a kitten. These dumb things look at the kids with blank antennae eyes and just sort of shudder. It's all very confusing.

Sunshine played with "Joe and Whitey" today and had the best time. It kept her entertained for almost 2 hours. She kept telling me that "Whitey was a girl and needed to play with girl toys and Joe was obviously a boy and needed boy toys." Hence the pictures with Whitey and the Barbie doll. (you know...because she's a girl...duh) And Joe and the cars.

How did I not know this? Well in her mind it all works I guess.


mom said...

I love reading everyday what you and the family did.

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