Tuesday, November 20, 2007

All hail Mr Clean!!!

So right now I am singing the praises of Mr. Clean and his mighty "magic eraser". Many times have I sung of the glory of these, but today he may have just saved my daughter's life.

About 2 months ago we got a new dishwasher . We don't get big things like that very often, so we try to keep them nice as long as we can, however, with small kids that isn't always easy.

Skip foreword...Sunshine has taken to waking up really early (like 4 am) and just wandering around the house (unsupervised) and getting into stuff. Like this morning she got into a honey pot that was up on the top shelf in my top cabinet. Had herself a little sample, and put it back (in the wrong place) and pretended like nothing had happened. She made a few fatal mistakes that tipped me off though. ... You get the idea. Bug went through this too, but it sort of ran it's course and then he realized sneaking around first thing in the morning wasn't as fun as he once thought, and one day he just stopped doing it. We figured it would be the same for her too. Except with her we have something a little different to deal with....An artistic flair.

She somehow got a hold of a sharpie and decided to go a drawin' . I found scribbles on the counter tops, on light switches, and...you guessed it. On our new stainless steel dishwasher.It can't stay new forever I guess. Luckily Mr. Clean's "magic eraser"(if you haven't used one of these..you really need to. They are fabulous) got most of it off. It came off of everywhere except the dishwasher. Of course. There is still a faded line where the mark was, so it's not AS bad. But it's still sort of there.

She got lucky....this time.

Any ideas of how to get this off without scratching the steel?


bettineski said...

Give her a silk cloth covered in vaseline and make her keep scrubbing until the last big of ink comes off.

Praveen Chandran said...

Its very nice to read ; keep in touch


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