Thursday, November 1, 2007

Best Halloween house ever!

So there is this house in my in law's neighborhood that we hit every year. The people that live there really know how to decorate in a way that is really spooky and genuinely scary, but not satanic scary. In years past they did a scientific laboratory, alien invasion and mortuary themes. This year it was psycho clowns.

You have to walk into their garage past all these creepy images just to get your candy. They have things like fog machines and mirrors to throw off your perception. Just when you get in there and grab your candy, something jumps out at you. it's really impressive and elaborate for just somebody's house. Plus they use a cast of like 3 or 4 people in on the act.

This is a house we go to each and every year. Bug each year gets just a little closer to going in. But isn't quite there yet. The people that live there remember the kids from year to year and go easy on the little ones.

This year Bug marched right up to the house, which really surprised us considering he's been terrified of most everything these days. What's really cute about the whole thing is he grabs his little sister's hand and drug her in too. repeating over and over like a mantra "Don't be scared, it's not real. Don't be scared it's not real. Don't be scared it's not real."She wasn't too keen on going in. But he wouldn't go in unless she went with him. I offered, but he assured me ...

Bug- "I'm not scared or anything, I just wanted to make sure that she got this whole experience along with me"
Me-"Yeah ok."

So we made it up the driveway and almost into the garage. The garage is where the action is. But he stopped dead in his tracks right in front of the garage door. Where I might add an ax wielding clown was waiting for us right around the corner, ready to distribute candy. (I looked around the corner to see what was waiting.) But I am proud of him for being so brave making it that far. I know that wasn't easy for him. So one small victory in the battle of Bug's fears.

Maybe next year we'll make it into the garage :)


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