Friday, November 23, 2007

City sidewalks , busy sidewalks. Dressed in Holiday style...

So I recovered from my shopping extravaganza this morning . We bundled up tight and went downtown. Tonight was the big lighting of the tree in Pioneer square. It's a 25 story tall tree with about 9 million twinkling lights. We try to be there every year when they flip the switch on. They sing carols and it's fun for everybody.

Unfortunately everybody else in the greater metro area does this little holiday tradition too. So the crowds are crazy. Plus we are navigating a double jogging stroller through these nutty crowds. It was a lot of fun, but REALLY cold. It was into the 30's at 6:00 at night. Plus being surrounded by nothing but concrete sort of chills your bones a little. We had a little trouble keeping the kids from getting impatient about the lighting, but we made it through ok. By the time the lights finally went on, everyone was not only numb, but staring to hurt. So we got out of there and into a heated car and drove our festive little selves home.

Another wonderful tradition we can check off until next year :)

*** I know the one of Sunshine is gross..but I had to give an accurate account of what she did while she waited.


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