Friday, September 18, 2009

Well as long as they can hang on to their dignity

So I was at the fabric store not too long ago and looking through the pattern books for some inspiration. Oh how I found something better.

I found this....

It is a bib designed specifically for the elderly.

Because nothing says "I still have my dignity " than a Mrs. Claus bib with a matching hat. Seriously what person would dress up Grandma in this drek? And further, what right thinking elderly person would agree to wear such a homemade train wreck?

Sometimes I wonder what is seriously wrong with people.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunshine's first day of Kindergarten

The big day finally came after much anticipation (mostly by her) for the first day of "big kid" school. Sunshine had her first day of Kindergarten. She is now going to the same school that Bug and all his friends go to. She was so excited to go because she wants so badly to be a big kid. I think I have had a harder time with it than she has. She just seems so little, but all kids must grow up eventually I guess.

Standing out in front of her class waiting for the bell to ring so that we could go in.

She didn't like having to wait even a couple more minutes


Getting settled in her classroom. She marched right in there like she owned the place. This one is fearless. She was practically shoo-ing me out of the room.

Ahh sigh. Two down only one left in the nest. During the day anyway.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nice day for the beach

So after the week we had, what with school starting and me (sort of) going back to work, our week has just been brutal.

Wouldn't you know I would take it upon myself to get some yard work done along with draining the pool this week. I mean hey, school is back , that means it's fall right? Wrong! I chose poorly. Had I looked at the upcoming weather forecast I would have noted that 90 degree weather was coming this weekend. But I didn't. So with this crazy freak heat on the way and no way to cool our self off, I made the split second decision this morning to head for the beach where it is always cooler than it is here. The Oregon coast is notorious for being cooler than any scorching temperature we have here.

Today was no exception. It was perfect weather. Not too cool but warm enough to play in the normally icy waters.

It was a great day.

Now we are off to start another week, refreshed.....Mostly.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Peanut turns 3 !

I know I am late getting this one up. This is the plight of the third child sad to say. But his birthday was last Monday and we had all the back to school chaos this week. It's not that I love him less or didn't want to put his slide show together, I was just crazy busy.

We had a nice cake and opened presents earlier this week.

I think this one was one of my hardest to do because he still seems like a fragile little baby, but I guess they all grow up sometime. So he turned 3 and is hardly even fragile anymore :) He still likes to cuddle though, so we are still good.

Attention over 30 cougars!!

Only 69 days , 4 hours, 35 minutes and 47 seconds until I am fighting my way through a crowd of over sugared tweens and their pasty, overweight , under loved, cougar mothers. I fall somewhere in the middle but don't tell anyone.
But whose counting and judging?
Team Jacob 4 EVR!!LOLOLOL
Ok I am done.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bug's first day of 3rd grade

So today was the first day of school for the majority of the Portland metro area. It has been anxiously awaited by the kids but counted down my yours truly. I love my kids, don't get me wrong, but man, it has been a long summer :) I am ready to have my house back during the day and a small break from the bickering even for a couple hours. My hat goes off to my homeschooling sisters in arms. I love the idea of homeschooling, but just don't have the temperament and patience. I was ready for routine to get back into swing.

So last night I set everything out to have it all ready for the morning so that everything would go off without a hitch and we would get out the door on time. I set out everyone's clothes and got toothbrushes ready. Packed backpacks , wrote names on everything in sharpie, even packed lunches.

We got up this morning, got dressed , ate breakfast got ready to head out the door just in time only to of the cats had peed on his backpack. The one that was packed with all of his supplies. Yeah that's the one.

So I had to wash everything down, transfer his stuff over to his old backpack from last year. (which is all torn and falling apart) Then we ran out the door in a mad rush to get there just in time.

It was a bit of a disaster to say the least. There is nothing like rushing through , showing up all sweaty and panicked and with a ratty old backpack when everybody else has nice new ones. I felt bad and I wanted to inform everyone of our mishap with our geriatric cat that sometimes has accidents, just so Bug wouldn't look bad. But I figured I would just have to let this one go.

We made it in time to get him settled in his class and say "hello" to his teacher and then he asked me to leave. I snapped a couple pictures and he then thanked me for "not embarrassing him". Funny he was more concerned about me being a " smother mother" than about his ratty old backpack he was sporting.

That kid cracks me up.

Also he has the same teacher that he had last year as they are doing a 2nd/3rd grade mega class because of budget cuts. Not exactly happy about this, but what can you do short of selling plasma to put them in private schools. We'll see how it goes.

Who liknks to me? Ask me how....just kidding. Just click here.