Thursday, November 1, 2007

Poor little Peanut...

My poor little Peanut has asthma and even the smallest twinge of a cold sends his lungs into overdrive. He was a little sniffely last night, but because it was Halloween and all I didn't let it spoil the night. But we all paid for it today. Poor Peanut had been wheezing all day. I have been giving him breathing treatments every 4 hours all day. Then I gave him some cold medicine to hopefully let him sleep it off. He's a sad little camper though. When he gets grumpy, he cries and when he cries he gets worked up, and when he gets worked up it sends him into an asthma attack. It's sort of a vicious cycle.
So if you're the praying type, I just ask that his little lungs heal fast so that he can get back to laughing and playing like he normally does. He's a little trooper. He's so used to these breathing treatments, he doesn't even fight them anymore. I'll keep you all updated on how he is tomorrow.


heidi said...

Is he better today? Hope so. Did you guys go around your neighborhood? We went to a harvest party. Kids had a good time. Elsie's been sick for about 4 days now. All over her to clean up

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