Friday, February 8, 2008

What seemed like a great idea....

So I am still working at the daycare, Today was my last day (Thank the Lord!!) and I noticed that my friend Erin's dog was getting a little restless. Erin is the girl who normally runs the daycare, but I was just filling in for her while she was on her Honeymoon this week. She has a year old great dane named London. She really is a cute dog and surprisingly gentle with all of the kids that come through Erin's house.

London was beginning to get a little restless and just wanted to get out and play. So I had this great idea that once we (Molly is the other girl that works there)got the kids fed and down for a nap....then I would take London out to the dog park and let her stretch her legs. Molly agreed that was probably a good idea and even gave me her car to transport this enormous beast. So along the way I had another great idea that I would swing home and pick up our dog Libby and take her out too. Libby is our 8 year old beagle that has a ton of spunk to her, but is starting to slow down (and pudge up) in her old age. She is totally one of my kids and completely a part of the family.

Bad idea.

Between the two of them tearing through the mud at the dog park, I realized that this was way to big of a dog for me to handle. I did have Bug with me to help, but great danes are really big and once they get really excited, are really hard to control.

It was like Marmeduke hopped up on speed.

Once she took off, she hopped the fence and so I had to chase her back into the dog area of the park. Then she would tackle Libby. Which is about 1/10th her size, so poor libby just took a beating. She tried to keep up, but her stumpie little legs just couldn't keep up with the giant strides of London's. In the end, London just rolled her in the mud and tried to carry her around like a soggy little pup. It was pretty pitiful.

On top of it all, I think Libby got hurt somewhere in the process. She was tired and limping when we got back in the car.

I tried to take some pictures, but spent most of my time chasing and screaming at them.

Note to not ever get a dog that I could potentially take pony rides on.


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