Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Do you see the child in this picture?

yeah neither did I. When it went quiet for a while this afternoon I went up to investigate just to make sure everything is ok. Usually when it goes quiet it means they are getting into things and hoping I won't find out.

But this afternoon I go up to check....look around Sunshine's room ....hmmmm she must be downstairs........come downstairs.....nowhere.
Look outside ......nothing.

At this point I start to remember a conversation that I had with my mom not too long ago. It went something like this....

mom- you really should lock your doors even though you are home and live in a moderatly safe neighborhood.

me-thats crazy talk. We don't have anything worth stealing. And even if someone wanted to steal something, we wouldn't put up a fight, we would probably help them out with whatever they wanted.

mom- people steal kids and sell them on the black market. Especially blond blue eyed kids.

me-ok now you are just being paraniod.That dosen't really happen.

**This is all going through my head as I tear through my house looking for Sunshine and I start to freak out and worry that she is being sold on the black market as I speak.

I then get a hold of myself and slow down and look closer at each room.

Glad I did. Here she is in this pile of stuffed animals. Not what I would expect her to be, but I'm glad she wasen't stolen and sold after all.

This is sort of like that scene from E.T. where he is hiding in the toys.

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heidi said...

That's so funny! Was she sleeping, or just hiding? Mine likes to "hide" behind the curtain with her toes hanging out thinking that I can't see her. You know, when they can't see YOU, they are hidden.

Mama H said...

That is scary! By the way, I'm with your MOM!

Jax said...

She was sleeping and totally motionless. Like I couldn't even see her breathing. Talk about freaking me out.

Rhandi said...

Oh my god Jax... lock your doors!!! It's 2008 and there are psychos on the loose... don't you watch Dateline? :o)

PS: She wasn't sleeping, she was in a cuteness coma. She's adorable and surrounded by pastel colored, girlie stuffed animals. The only thing that could have made this scene more filled with sweetness would have been gumdrops, cupcakes and cotton candy.

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