Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thank you !! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

So as many of you may know....my range has been broken for about 3 weeks now. It was under warrenty and the repair guy came out a couple weeks ago and told me that we had electrical issues in our house and that there was no problem with the stove itself so he couldn't fix the problem.


Now as many of you are in the same boat as I am...being a stay at home mom comes with a few snags. Mainly that we (all 5 of us) have to budget really tight and live on one income. So really we live pretty paycheck to paycheck. Things like home repairs really throw us for a loop. The trade off....sometimes we have to wait a while to take care of repairs like this.

Which if you have ever been without a means to cook...gets really frustrating. I have been making all of our meals for the past 3 weeks in the microwave. Which if you have been playing the home game, you know that we don't do processesed food. So we have been doing a whole lot of sandwiches, steamed veggies , and pasta.

I think now would be the perfect time to sing the praises of Tupperware's line of microwave cookware. Never have I been so dependent on microwave cookware before, but it really was and is fantastic. To find out more click on my Tupperware icon on the side bar. See Rock n serve or heat n serve. Also I used the Tupperwave stack cooker alot.

Ok enough shameless advertisment.

Anyhoo....so we were fortunate enough to have a guy in our church that is an all around handyman. He has helped us with several fixes around our house over the years.(We are completly clueless homeowners.It's pretty embarassing, but it really is true) My husband just happened to run into him last week at my Father in law's Superbowl party. He explained what the problem was and he said he'd like to come out and take a look for us. So today was the day. He had a look at it and said it was a quick fix. We had cords that had somehow melted together and shorted out. He said that he has never seen that happen before, but it took him all of 20 minutes to have us back in business.

The best thing is. He didn't charge us one penny. I tried to pay him, but he refused anything. I am so thankful to have such an awesome church family that truly helps each other and shows God's love in practical ways. I know his time is valuable and he works by the hour. I only hope that someday we can return the kindness.

So yay!! We're having lasagne tonight!! No more microwave food for us!!

And as a side note....keep your eyes peeled Lee, you've got some Tupperware filled with cookies coming your way :)

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