Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Night from H-e -double hockey sticks!!!!

So as expected from working in the daycare last week, my kids picked up some sort of creepin crud. They are like chickens in the pen. If one gets sick, they all get sick. They have all been fighting off some sort of sniffle. But it seemed like it was sort of on it's way out.

Problem is....all it takes is a little sniffle to completely throw Peanut into respiratory distress because of his asthma. He's on a wide assortment of meds, but they are mostly preventative. I do have a few medications as a rescue method, but when they don't work as well as I like, I have to pull out the big guns. The ER.

Needless to say I had to work at the mall last night (Unexpectedly. I didn't know I was scheduled. But that's another story) So We just thought we would give him a good rescue nebulizer treatment and see if he settles for bed. He did for a while, but when I got home at ( last night I could hear that he was still sort of struggling. So we made the decision to take him in. We have made this trek many, many times, so we are no stranger to the ER.

So I changed my clothes and headed back out. It's funny just how comfortable we have become in the hospital. I just feel so much more confident knowing that there are people in white coats around me that are far more qualified to administer life saving treatment. Not that I really doubt my own instincts as a mother. I know my kids better that anyone else, but the true wisdom is knowing when to seek help.

They got us in and gave repeated breathing treatments and a whole lot of monitoring. Around 1:30 am they sent us home breathing regularly and exhausted. My husband took the day off to juggle the other kids and let me sleep. What a rock star!!

So today he is feeling much better. He's still running a fever, but a fever I can handle. So now it's just a day of recovery and back to normal.

Just another day in paradise :)


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