Thursday, February 21, 2008

Confessions of a lazy mom.

Ok so please tell me I'm not the only mom out there that does this.

I really do have the best intentions, however I hate all of the super fun kids things because it usually means more work for me.


play doh
finger paint (are you kidding me!! Who thought of this?)
glitter paint

You get the idea.

My kids LOVE all of the above, but it usually is like a once a year treat because I hate scrapping squished up play doh out of the carpet. Not to mention Sunshine always manages to get it in her hair.

Well because we had a birthday party on Monday, the house is still relativly clean so I feel all inspired to use this extra time that I would have been cleaning the house to do some fun stuff. We are hoping that maybe if we start out on the kitchen floor that maybe we won't end up with it everywhere.

We'll see.

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Rhandi said...

That, my dear sweet friend, is not lazy mom-ness... it's GENIUS!

Who liknks to me? Ask me how....just kidding. Just click here.