Thursday, February 14, 2008

Scott Baio gave us pink eye.

Ok I realize about 2% of my reading audience actually gets that. If you don't. Well ok, it's a reference to a South Park episode. Let's just leave it at that. I also realize that the other 98% of you wouldn't watch that show for all the tea in China. And thats fine too.

Along with all the medical ailments that has plagued our house in the past several days. This one is the most annoying. Peanut somehow managed to get pink eye in both eyes a couple days ago. Luckily we were at the hospital already so we just had them write out an Rx while we were there to kill two birds with one stone. (Yeah I'm that kind of mom that brings up every ailment in the doctors office that way I don't have to make a separate doctors visit)

Luckily it had only seemed like Peanut was the only one with it. (Which if you have kids, you know something mega contagious like that spreads like wildfire among kids) Then this morning about 2 am, I rolled over to look at the clock. Only to find that I couldn't open one of my eyes.


Luckily we have plenty of medication for this. I just can't show my face in public for a couple days for fear of public ridicule. So now I have a legit reason for being anti social. Does it get any better than this :)


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