Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunshine turns 4!!

So last night we had a birthday party for Sunshine. Her official birthday isn't until tomorrow, but it fell on Awana night so we kicked it up a couple days. I doubt she'll mind :)

We had the usual thrown together at the last minute party that we normally have. They always consist of family and usually involve pizza or some sort of something that I don't actually cook. these are the best types of parties in my opinion. Low key and lack of judgment for being a "last minute Mom"

We had fun though. We visited with each other and my mom kicked my butt at wii bowling. I think she has secretly been practicing.

Sunshine's big present from us was a deluxe kitchen, so most of her presents had something to do with that. Ahhhh. My little homemaker :) Although I think the boys had just as much fun playing with it is she did.

She loved it though. She was up at O' dark 30 this morning playing with it. We left it downstairs last night just because I haven't made a place for it in her room yet, so I could hear her clanking around in the play oven. We have created a monster. Or maybe the next Martha Stuart.

Martha would be good.


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