Friday, January 25, 2008

Wild kingdom .....and pizza

So the family and I were out the other night trying out this new pizza place that just went in down the street. It's one of those places that has a plasma tv at every table and then a big one on the wall. Usually the big one has a game or something neutral on it.

So we are changing the channel on the one at our table. We find cartoon network and so we are good to go. Then we hear Sunshine talking about a piggy. We just think she's talking about something on the cartoon they are watching. So we don't give it much attention. Then Bug chimes in. He's like "Are there pigs that live in the wild?" . We say "yes, but not around here". At that moment Sunshine yells "Oh NO!!! Whats wrong with that piggy?!"

At that moment we turn around and realize that the big screen TV on the wall was on ESPN. However we just happen to hit right in the middle of some sort of hunting competition where they were in fact guessed it, wild boar.

Perfect. Just the sort of thing I want to watch with my young kids while we are eating. I asked them to change the channel and they were totally embarrassed. You would think that ESPN would be a safe bet, but I guess not.

Now that poor Sunshine is scarred for life :)

No kidding, this is what that poor animal looked like before it got shot. They really are kind of cute.


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