Thursday, January 3, 2008

He's made mostly of Awesome!!!

So Bug is going through this thing where he is really getting into music. Not only listening to it, but preforming as well. It goes without saying that he listens to the music that we listen to. Because naturally we have awesome taste in music and pride ourselves on being music snobs. It just is what it is...get over it. So my husband loads up his MP3 player with the best music has to offer. Think of it like our own school of rock.

We have strict rules in this house. Classic rock is strictly respected and newer rock must be truly extraordinary to be taken seriously. No top 40 is ever allowed in our house. (Although sometimes I listen in the myself...with the windows shame) Like I said , we are total snobs. We're pretty zen with it, so whatever.

Anyway, back to Bug, so he's rocking out with his MP3 player, singing along and doing some fierce "air guitar". When I see him scan the room frantically. Then he finds himself a little plastic guitar. (Which by the way used to be mine when I was little. If you look closely, you'll see a rocking picture of Shaun Cassidy on the front and all the strings got broken sometime around 1978 so it doesn't even work, but for whatever reason the kids love it) He grabs his guitar, kicks stuff off a footstool, hops up and voila....a mini concert.

Whats also funny about this is he singing a "White Stripes " song called "Seven Nation Army". But he insists on calling it the "Salvation Army". We have tried to set him straight, but what can you do?

He cracks me up. Also note the shout out to God when he's done. He's totally ready for Rock stardom.


Rhandi said...

OK, so I check your Blog on a pretty regular basis because it completely kills me every single time I read it. You are so clever with words, always informative and hilarious, and well... your kids are TOTALLY made of awesome with a side of completely adorable. Today was no exception. Went to the Blog about Bug and his rock star lifestyle, but instead of reading first, I decided to watch the video right off the bat. Of course, it was rad but the first thing I thought was "Wait... is that a Shaun Cassidy guitar!??".
You are the coolest Jax. I have many childhood Shaun Cassidy memories myself (mostly dancing on my parents' bed with my sister, while I was still in diapers). I love this!

Lori Elliott said...

Noah, you rock, Man!!!! I think you are totally awesome and when you hit it big, man, I'm coming to all your concerts (with earplugs of course). Love you, dude!!

Mrs. Elliott

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