Monday, January 7, 2008

Little boys and haircuts

One of the biggest pet peeves that I have is long hair on boys. I know I am a total traitor to my generation and all, but long hair on boys drives my nuts. Even a little shaggy makes me a little crazy. So to keep up with the fast growing hair of my boys (and it does grow fast) I got real cheap real quick and I have been cutting it myself for years.

It never stops amusing me though. It never fails that right when the clippers go on, that's when either the nose starts running or like in this case, the tounge just comes out. It never fails we end up with a slobbery beard stuck to his face.

Just thought I'd throw in a before and after pictures. Why, you may ask....because I never get sick of cute pictures of my kids that's why. I mean C'mon!! How cute is this kid?!!

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grandma b said...

Oh ...but it makes him look sooo grown up, he needs to be our baby a bit longer. Grandma's not ready to let go yet. sigh

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