Friday, January 4, 2008

Playing hostage?

So I see Sunshine out of thew corner of my eye attempting to navigate her way through the dining room while blindfolding herself with her own belt. Completely unsure if I should even ask...I push ahead and ask anyway.

Me-"what on Earth are you doing?"
Sunshine-"And people make me do stuff but they don't let me see so I can get home"
Me-"what? Who is not letting you see?"
Sunshine-"The bad guys that talk funny."
Me-(so at this point my mind is going in all sorts of weird places because at this moment I realize that maybe she has somehow been exposed to some bit of TV or news footage involving a hostage scene or something. We are really careful about what they see, but sometimes you can't put them in a complete bubble.....wait why would she be taken hostage and then be forced to cook?)
Me-"why are they making you cook?"
Sunshine-"Because I am a chef. I have a rat under my hat that is the real cook."
Me- "OOOOOHHH!!!! Like in Ratatouille!!!! Now it all makes sense!!"

**Note if you have not seen this movie, it has a scene in it where the main character keeps a rat under his chef hat and blindfolds himself so that the rat can be the real cook. It really doesn't make any sense when I explain it I know, but go see the movie. It's cute.

I mean I know my daughter is very imaginative and reenacts all sorts of scenes from movies. I for the life of me could not figure out what was going on here. I do however think it's funny that my mind goes to the worst case scenario and begin pondering how my little Sunshine is going to need years of therapy to undo all the damage I've done by carelessly letting her watch whatever is on. Well good. Just a Disney movie. Crisis averted....for now.

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Rhandi said...

Seriously... coolest kids ever.

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