Friday, January 11, 2008

Feeding the ducks

So when you raise a family on one income (mom stays home and raises kids) you are sort of forced to get creative with fun things to do that are cheap , but don't feel cheap.

One of our favorite things to do only cost about $2 for our whole family. We buy 2 loaves of bread and go feed the ducks. We have a protected wetland within walking distance from our house so we brave the rain (Please, we're Oregonians, that was a joke) and head outside.

This time of year they are getting ready to nest so they can be really aggressive and hungry. As soon as we showed up they practically ran towards us knowing what we had for them.

There were regular old mallard ducks, and a bunch of Canadian geese. There were even some cool looking farm geese. Plus in these parts if there are swamp like conditions, there are nutria. Now if you aren't from Oregon and aren't familiar with nutria, they are like a cross between a beaver and a muskrat. They are pretty harmless to people, but they can make dams and a mess out of a yard pretty quick. They are considered vermin, but they are still kind of cool.

We got a couple cool pictures of the nutria and all of the ducks and geese too. We were amazed just how aggressive they were. My husband was able to get a goose to eat out of his palm and pet it at the same time. Usually they can be pretty nasty. But I guess we got him on a friendly day :)


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