Saturday, January 5, 2008

The importance of being centered

So Bug is really into the Nickelodeon show "Avatar". Which in all honesty, my husband and I have gotten into it too. It actually has a pretty good storyline that can hold our attention. Which says a lot :)

The story is about a little boy that was sent to save the world (Sound familiar? It's only like in every good story; that scenario) But it sort of has an Asian "type" flare where the boy has to meditate and "center" himself.

So the other day Bug and I were at odds most of the day. With school being out and the weather being so nasty, we are all just stuck in the house and in each other's space so it seems. All of our daily routines are all out of whack. So he was bickering about something and I sent him to his room to get a hold on his attitude. He kept yelling down the stairs "I'm going to go and get centered". I was like "yeah you do that and don't come out until you have a better attitude."

So about an hour goes by and I realize he's been up there for a while. So I creep up the stairs and look around the corner (because frankly I was expecting to see him asleep on his bed) But this is what I walk into. So I don't say a word....I do what any "blog obsessed mother" would do....I run and grab the camera before he realizes that I had seen him.

What is equally cute in this is that he even took the time to lay out the Lego's in a pattern around him. Not sure what that's about, but my guess is that's what he saw them do on TV. Either way, as soon as he saw me, the spell was broken and he hopped up and asked if he could come down stairs. Once down stairs, I asked him what he was doing while he was sitting all quiet up there. His response...."Thinking quiet thoughts so that me and God can hear each other better." Good answer.

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear that he and God were trying to hear eachother better. Much "centering" of oneself may appear fine and good, but satan has used Asian mystics to appear close in some aspects to Jesus but satan, as the Word says, is the Father of Lies and can only speak his native tongue.

Mari said...

What's important here is the fact that a six-year-old was able to spend an hour in silent solitude, trying to connect with God. That's something most adults can't even do these days.
Most kids his age would be listening to Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Disney soundtracks or whatever on their ipods. But he chose to do something constructive with his time. Rock on Noah.

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