Thursday, January 31, 2008

What up playa...

So Sunshine has this weird obsession with fake teeth. Why these are so awesome you may ask? be honest, I'm not sure. Possibly because they are covered in germs and then all the kids feel they need to shove the slobbery wad in their mouth too. The whole idea of them just barfs me out quite frankly.

But she always seems to find them in every store and begs for them. Normally I have no problem saying no. Whining children seem to be my super power these days and they usually have no control over me. But when I saw these in the store and saw just how insistant Sunshine was to own these little could I resist.

Ok let me also preface this here by giving you a little bit of a background of where I got them. True confessions here..... I love Winco. If you are not familiar with Winco...let me fill you in. It is an enormous grocery store where most everything is still in it's original case and dirt cheap. There is nothing fancy or showy about this grocery store and that's how they keep the prices so low. Let me remind you I am feeding a bottomless pit that is disguised as a family of 5. We spend more on groceries than we do on utilities. So a place like Winco is awesome because I can stretch my already tight budget a little farther. comes with a price. winco is located in the sketchy part of town. At any given time of day you can see meth heads, crack dealers and strippers also cashing in on Winco's low, low prices. So it tends to be a bit of a sociological experience. I love it. It always gives me good stories to laugh about. Of course the kids and I always need to bathe in Lysol after our Winco experience just to get the sin off of us :)

Well so Sunshine and I were having our one on one time. Which if you have kids you understand that sometime it just happens to fall on a time when you also need to get something done too. So we spent our time grocery shopping.(Don't judge me) But in that, the small toy section of the store caught her eye. Which, can I just say how depressing grocery store toys are. Like they are similar to dollar store toys. They couldn't afford to get in Barbie, so instead they got "Darbie" who just looks like a cheap knock off....because it it!!!! Well amongst these crummy toys....Sunshine found these.

They cost $1 and were worth every penny seeing a lily white 3 year old girl put in her stupid gangsta crunk teeth. Whats funny here is she puts both top and bottom in and then tries to talk. Which just turns into a drooly mess.

My kids crack me up.

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Rhandi said...

Oh my god... little miss Sunshine is such a gansta. I love this!

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