Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weird night at the gym

Ok so I go to the gym tonight for my aerobics class. But there is just weird people and energy there tonight. A lot of the regulars are not there but in their place are these awesome parade of nutty society.

First off...there are these 2 guys in their 60's that are there 3 times a week without fail. I never really gave it much thought,. Just thought they were just pastey old white guys that liked water aerobics. I mean I realize it isn't really the most "manly" of workouts, but I can keep an open mind. They have always been nice, but not all that talkative. Well tonight the instructor (who I have grown to love) asked if we had and requests for music. Apparently thats all that it took for the flood gates to open. Both of them about worked themselves into a lather (literally) jumping up and down while doing a little clap. All the while screaming ....CHER!!!!

I stood there amazed. Usually my "Queen" detector goes off the moment we meet. But these two totally got past my advanced radar. I had to giggle to myself. Mind you I am not laughing at them (all you sensitive nellies out there) I was laughing at the situation.

So there was that. Then there was this other couple where the guy was at least in his mid to late 30's and his girlfriend/wife looked to be about 19 or 20. She went along and did the aerobics class while he paced along the concrete of the pool, barely taking his eyes off her. He just gave off the jealous vibe like he was waiting for her to talk to someone just so that he could get on her about that. For a minute I sort of felt sorry for her thinking "wow that must really suck to be with someone so oppressive" Then I saw her get dressed after the class in a 3 sized too small halter tank top. With glitter writing on the front that said "Buy me stuff". Then it became abundantly clear who these people were. That little show of control was just one of their games. People like this bug me.

Look I know I am not perfect.Trust me I don't even sort of claim to be.

I'm just relaying some good times at the gym.


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