Sunday, January 6, 2008

She flies through the air with the greatest of ease.....

So Sunshine has some sort of death wish and always has. But what is weird is that she is like a cat...she always seems to land on her feet and she has 9 lives. Plus if she can fit her head in something, then she can fit her whole body, but thats something for a different post.

She has always had the strangest ability to walk on the backs of couches (with her eyes closed sometimes) and never loose her balance. So after a while, it stopped freaking me out and I stopped worrying that she was going to fall and break her neck. Most other people that are not used to her gasp and give me dirty looks like "are you just going to let her do that? She could fall and hurt herself" But once they are around her long enough...they get it too.

Here is just a small sample of her death defying feats. Note she refuses to just sit on a swing. Instead she insists on standing on it and they going as high as humanly possible without flipping the swing set and just to add a little more danger....she closes her eyes. I keep expecting her to request that I light her on fire or hand cuff her to the pole or something.


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