Saturday, January 19, 2008

Annie Oakley

So last night Sunshine had her first big sleep over at Nana's (my mom) house. They seemed to have great fun. They did lots of "Girl things" according to Sunshine. They camped out on the floor in her family room and went shopping today. Sunshine had a blast.

Whats funny is let me just preface this by saying that she's a little bit country to my little bit rock 'n roll. I loath most things country. But my mom seems to love it, so I openly make fun of her and she tells me to stuff it. It's just the little dance we do.Between you and me...I think she may believe that that she's one of the missing Mandrell sisters, but I can't be sure :)

Well for whatever reason....Sunshine is on this MAJOR cowgirl kick. (Much to my Mom's sha-grin) So my Mom introduced Sunshine to her new favorite store......the Tack Mercantile. yeah it is just what it sounds. Here is where you can get all of the Country Western style clothes you could ever want all in one place. She let Sunshine pick herself out her very own "cowgirl hat" and some (really nice...and no I'm not being snarky here...they really are nice) boots. She really let her pick them out herself.

Boy, Sunshine couldn't be more proud of her new treasures either. She got herself all saddled up and hopped on "Trigger" (Yes that's really the horses name) her trusty steed, and away she went. I had to pry her off of it just for dinner.

It's totally not my thing (what with the redneck and the hillbilly and all) but Sunshine and Nana are just two peas in a pod and I think I'm just going to have to learn to except this.

Or go nuts trying to fight it.

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Lori Elliott said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog!! I read it a lot and I just laugh and laugh. You are real, genuine, the real-deal and I just love that about you! Your kids are getting so big and I am just sad that I don't have them in Treasure Land at New Life. Come visit us some time. Jaqui, you have an awesome family! I love reading about their adventures and everything else. I just about cracked up reading this about Nana and Sunshine!! Too cute. Keep these blogs coming and I don't know if you knew this but....I too once sold Tupperware and I too am a Tupperware junkie. What's your Ebay site so I can go check what you have!! Also, I think I'm getting ready to update some of my pantry storage---squares, rectangles big, medium, ect. We must talk!! I can give you some business :-)

Well, sorry this post is so long but I have wanted to comment on others so I guess I'm getting it all in on this one. Keep the stories should write a book!!

Lori E.

gb said...

Just doing a test Dear to see if my comments will stick . . . . keep up the good work. We loved having Bug spend the night.

grandma b

Greta said...

Oh yeah, we've got the whole cowgirl thang going on here too. Do you have a Sweet Feed Co. in your parts? If so,they also have a tack shop and are pretty reasonable price-wise.

Who liknks to me? Ask me how....just kidding. Just click here.