Monday, March 10, 2008

What a little punk!!!

So I have been watching this drama unfold for the past couple weeks in my front yard. I have this little punk of a squirrel that has been raiding my bird feeders and teasing my cats for some time.

Last year I had had enough with the squirrels in the bird feeders so my rock star husband took a super soaker to them every time we caught them red handed. That took care of the problem for the whole summer.

Now we have a new generation that clearly is scared of nothing. What makes it worse is that he is just a little bit faster than my cats. So now he just likes to tease them.

Notice the picture above.

That is him in the middle just casually munching on some sunflower seeds that had fallen from a bird feeder above. About 7 feet to the left (left bottom of the picture) is my cat Annabelle in pounce mode. Just waiting for her chance. About 5 feet to his right (right near the top of the picture) is my neighbor's cat, Metro. Also in pounce mode.

This particular stand off lasted about 20 minutes until Annabelle couldn't take it any longer and ran to him. He took off across the street and up a tree. All the while Annabelle was only about 6 inches behind him swiping as she ran.

Every time he just barely gets away by the skin of his teeth. I totally expect to find a headless fur pile in my yard as a glorious gift from my beloved cat.

Just for the record I don't endorse the murder of any animal, so PETA you can just back the heck up....But hey, nature is nature. What can you do.

Don't flirt with death and you won't meet your maker by an overweight feline.

You have made your bed my friend. The end is nigh!!
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