Sunday, March 9, 2008

We're gonna bow-ow-owl to-ni-ight !!

Ok for the 3 people who got that get a gold star. For the rest of the planet, it's a song and dance number from the horrible and totally unnecessary movie...Grease 2. It was horrible. Don't even rent. Trust me on this one. Any how it was singing and dancing and bowling. I can't set foot in a bowling alley to this day without humming a couple bars of that song. Thanks for that guys! Not only did I have to sit through your crummy movie, but now your stupid song will forever be ingrained in my brain.

Ok enough ranting for now...

In other news, today was Bug's good friend, Romania's birthday. We've been looking foreword to the party for the past week. They had it at the local bowling alley and the kids had a blast. It was Bug's first time bowling with a real ball. He's champ at Wii bowling, just not the real deal. By his third frame he had a strike!
It's in his blood :)


j said...

Right off the bat, or lane rather, he had 3 spares out of 5.

Mind you, he wasn't using the 'gutter rails' either.

His first frame of his second game he nailed a strike.


Rhandi said...

Just for the record, I was one of the few that immediately got your Grease 2 reference.

Mari said...

As soon as he turns 21 Noah is joining my bowling team.

j said...

He doesn't needs to be 21. He just needs a fake ID.

Too bad he's not Logan. He could totally use mine.

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