Monday, March 17, 2008

Fancy schmancy

So my rock star husband surprised me this weekend with a big night out. We had planned for the kids to go to his parents and then we just go out to a nice dinner. But instead he got us a really nice room just across town.

Although a nice night out is great, there is always going to be dishes waiting for you when you get home if you know what I mean. So he wanted to just get us out of town without going out of town.

Our room had an enormous jacuzzi in the room which we spent the majority of the time in, just watching TV. It was a luxury we totally can't do at home. The room also had a sleep number bed in it. Now I'm not normally big on gimmicky type things, but if these weren't so stinking expensive, I would buy one of them in a heart beat!! I slept like I haven't slept in years. It was absolutely incredible.

It was just one night and we had to come back to our real life, but it was the best little get away we've ever had. It was great just to do nothing. Although I totally could have used a couple more days :)

By the way, we did go out to a nice dinner too. Hence the fancy schmancy dress.

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Rhandi said...

Have I told you how much I frickin' love your blogs? You make me laugh, out loud... almost daily (as often as you post a new one, anyway). You look lovely in your fancy shmancy get-up, and I am so glad your cute husband is so thoughtful. PS: Where is this place he took you to? I want to get out of town without going out of town to a hotel room with a giant jacuzzi too!!! Even if I have to go it alone!

Anonymous said...

You lucky dog! However, when I think of jacuzzis in hotels, I can't get that hotel drinking glass video out of my mind!

Mari said...

Cute dress!

j said...

We stayed at the "Radisson", but only because the "Bitchinsson" didn't have any vacancy.

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