Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Art projects a-go-go

So Sunshine has been on this huge artistic rampage. She has always had an artistic flare, but it has suddenly kicked into high gear the past year or so. She has recently discovered safety scissors, so I find small piles of paper chunks EVERYWHERE. Even in the bathroom. Because when going potty, one MUST be productive artistically.

Also she has rediscovered water color paint. But what is really funny is she will do a couple strokes on the paper, then stand up, do a little dance and then come back for a couple more strokes. There is some sort of weird method to her madness. She's like the preschool version of Andy Warhol. (Seriously, wikipedia him and check out some of his artistic methods. They are really interesting)

Another thing to point out here, is that she is really advanced for her age. I mean I know every parent thinks their kid is the greatest thing on planet earth, but most kids her age can't draw things that represent other things. When she draws a person, it looks like a person. It's sort of a developmental milestone that normally doesn't develop until much later. Like her brother who is three years older is just starting to draw people and it's not nearly as clear as hers. Not to say that he is behind, he's right on track. She's just advanced.

But yesterday she drew a picture of our entire family. She's the one with the long hair. Clearly. I'm the one with the big lips. (Don't ask) It's pretty impressive for a 4 year old.


jason said...

She made me 'beat box' the beat to "We Will Rock You" and she beat the canvas with her paint brush to the beat.

Mari said...

Little know fact, but Monet also wore a princess dress and crown during his waterlily phase.

BrentD said...

So you went for that collagen treatment I see. Your little artist leaves nothing out.

Happy Friday.

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