Monday, March 10, 2008

Cancer schmancer show

Ok well I know this is a couple weeks off, but I wanted to get on here and pimp a really great show with great bands and all kinds of goods up for auction.

Our good friend Meredith Curteman kicking Cancer where it hurts.

For those of you that don't know her, she goes to our church, is comprised mostly of awesome and has has been battling lung and ovarian cancer for the past 6 months or so. Also did I mention she's only a handful of years younger than I am? She really is a true super hero! She has taken this entire experience as a learning experience and held her head high along the way.

I know that is has been hard physically, emotionally, and financially. So with that we give you the...

Cancer schmancer benefit show.

This is a show that will have many cool bands (including my husbands band, The New Urban Decay) But there will also be a silent auction for all kinds of awesome goods. Including a guided fishing trip offered by my father in law. So it's not just for the kids.

This is an all ages event. There will be no alcohol and it will be clean. We are comfortable inviting the youth group from our church.

So come one , come all and bring money to help out the Curtemans!!

Here is the information

I will also put a link in the side bar here>>>>>>>>>>

*** Also go and check out Meridith's blog. She has done an incredible job talking about her journey. Good and bad.

Meredith's blog

She is awesome and I just heart her!!


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