Saturday, March 22, 2008

The great EGG-stravaganza.......(I'm sorry)

So as we do every year, the timely egg decorations. Truth is I love doing this and did it every year even before I had kids. What is so magical about food coloring and egg shells, I don't exactly know, but every year at this time, this is always on the menu.

Speaking of menus...this is also the only time of year I can really stomach deviled eggs. I get my fill in a vain attempt to use up the eggs that I just decorated. Then they gross me out for at least another year.

****Also as a side note to the last blog post about the kids baskets... my husband wanted me to point out that I did in fact get a couple of little trinkety things for their basket. So it isn't quite as minimalist as I made it sound. But they each get three things. So there, I set the record straight. My bad.

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