Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Zoo Lights

So tonight we got all bundled up and went out to the zoo lights. Our zoo goes really elaborate on the lights and it's really cool. We have a membership, so we go a lot and have been watching them put up lights and get geared up for it. They start putting up lights in about September. You can practically see the lights from space. They also have a little steam train that goes all around the zoo and light exhibits. You don't really see any animals, but the lights are the main attraction.

It was really cold, so we only stayed for about an hour or so. Good thing we have a pass. That is exactly why we have the pass , so we don't have to see everything every time. If we need to leave early, we don't have to tough it out to get our money's worth.

I got a lot of really cool pictures though!

Now I need to spend the rest of my evening packing for our beach trip. My in laws are renting out a house right on the shore for 4 days. We have been looking foreword to it for months. It's a nice little getaway in the winter. I'm pretty sure we will still have Internet there, so I'll try to post along the way.

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