Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stupid plastic teeth!!

So my kids have this weird fascination with plastic fake teeth. The dumber looking they are, the more likely they are to love it. Sunshine especially. They could be in a pile of mud, and she will brush them off and stick them back in. It's really pretty gross. I try to stay away from them, mainly because they just seem like total germ magnets. However....in tonight's party favor bag there were a pair of super rad "Bubba" teeth. Of course Sunshine was all over them. They were in her mouth faster than the candy.... also in the bag.

The funny thing is, her mouth is so small, that it just looks like she has a mouth full of marbles along with those rubber teeth. Not to mention when you get that much business going on in your mouth, you can't properly swallow excess spit. So she just has this steady stream of drool. Much like a St. Bernard dog. Whats even funnier is that she insists on carrying on a conversation with you while wearing said teeth. Which goes something like this. "HBYRUTYDCDFHjf!!" .........."what?" .....bncfreurhruj!!......"what?" It's really hard to keep a straight face.

She reminds me of Eduardo from Foster's home for imaginary friends. Too many teeth with not enough mouth.


auntsue said...

That's so funy. Don't kids keep you laughing?

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