Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas morning

After a night of being up a couple times every hour with Peanut being sick, we sort of slept through the kids downstairs pawing through their stockings this morning. We did however awake to Bug patiently sitting next to the tree looking through the contents of his stocking and wondering when we were going to get up and join him. If you'll notice in these pictures, the sun isn't even up yet. I shudder to think what time he actually got up and started his wait. I was up with Peanut around 4:30 and he was still in bed, but at 6 he was up and waiting.

Everyone got up and opened presents and had a good morning. Luckily Santa knew just what everyone wanted. He even got a present for our whole family, a Nintendo Wii which we (just me and Mr. Jaxonfive) have already taken out of the box and played several times. (once the kids are in bed)

Even Peanut had fun playing with his new toys and wrapping paper every which way.

**By the way he is feeling much better. He's just tired. It takes a lot out of you being sick.

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