Sunday, December 30, 2007

Back from the beach

So my family and I have been at the beach for the past 4 days. We just got back this afternoon. My in-laws rented out a beach house between Lincoln City and Depot bay. It was enormous. We had room for my whole family, my Mother and Father in law and my Sister in law. Really we had at least 2 or 3 full size beds left over.

We had a lot of fun doing a whole lot of nothing. The kids played in this giant house hide and seek or whatever. I did a lot of scrapbooking and got caught up on my magazine reading. Mr. jaxonfive worked on his music and in between all that we played a lot of video games. But that is a story for another post.

The house was part of a hotel complex, so we got to use their pool (which the kids and I loved, but I couldn't convince Mr. Grumpy pants (The Mr.) that it wasn't too cold) plus we were ocean front so we could just take a walk and we were on the beach. Ok, granted it's December on the Oregon coast (Brrrrr) but we bundled up and had us a great time.

I have way more pictures and stories, I just thought for now I'll just get some of the highlights up for now and I'll sort through the rest tonight. My best posts come when I don't have kids in my hair. And we all know that doesn't come until like midnight, after the last potty break and glass of water.

So stay tuned......

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