Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas eve episode II

So after we opened presents and did our thing here at our house, we moved the party over to my in law's house. They always have Christmas eve at their house and it's always awesome. Tons (more) of good food and family. Throw sugared up kids,dogs and presents on top and you have a party. My mom and her friend also went with us.

The kids opened most of their presents over there. (Except for the special ones that santa brings) Everyone got what they wanted. Within reason. We really had nowhere to put the real pony that Sunshine asked for.

We even had an oppertunity to take a picture with all four generations.

Only flaw with the evening was....Peanut ran out of steam so we put him down to bed in Grandma's room where he has a paypin set up. About an hour later he wakes up screaming. He was all congested and stuffed up. Somehow the panic of waking up in a strange place and not feeling well on top threw him into an asthma attack. So he was a screaming ,whiny, wheezy mess.That now was so worked up that he would not go back to sleep. So we had to cut our evening a little short to get him home and give him a nebulizer treatment. That is about the only thing that rescues him out of an attack. He was pretty far into it too. I was worried that I was going to have to take him into the emergency room. But with a lot of steroids and a pretty sleepless night he was able to come out of it.

It sucks! They hit from out of nowhere and can just throw him into a tailspin really fast. He just seemed to pick up a little touch of a cold, but it was enough to make him wheeze. Sometimes that all it takes to trigger an attack.

Medical emergency aside....it was a great night :)

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