Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A White Christmas?!!!

So I have lived in Oregon the majority of my life. Save for a whole lot of time spent in Alaska with my other family. And in my 32 years I have never once had a white Christmas here. Until now.

So we are at my Aunt and Uncle's house opening more presents when Sunshine looks out the window and says..."it's snowing!!!" We all stop and look and sure enough it was coming down really hard and in great big flakes! This is the first real snow of the winter and we get it on Christmas day! How great is that!?

Of course the kids are freaking out to get out and play in it, but I make them finish what we were doing and then get home to put on the proper "playing in the snow" clothes. Of course by then it had mostly melted and the magic moment had passed. But it was a total "Bing Crosby moment" even though it lasted only a couple minutes.

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