Monday, December 10, 2007

The Oregon food bank

So every year our local fire department collects for the Oregon food bank which gives families in need food when they need it. It's a pretty cool organization. I'm sure every state has their own version of it. It's just cool because it is very hard to abuse this organization . They don't give out money or anything else that could be traded in for drugs. So the people that need it, really get the food that is donated.

Anyhoo....our local fire department puts on a sort of "parade" through the neighborhoods. Between 6-9 at night 5 fire trucks crawl through the residential streets with their lights and sirens a blarin' just to get everyone's attention. (like how could you miss that?) Then the fire chief walks around with a bull horn and tells people to "go back in their houses and dig through their pantries for non perishables to donate." Then everybody comes out with arm loads of food. Then one of the old fire trucks is all dolled up with lights and has Santa on it. Volunteers come and get our bags of goods and in return give us candy canes.

Bug and Sunshine loved it of course, but Peanut was sort of spooked by the REALLY loud sirens. All in all it was a really cool night though.They do it though several different neighborhoods. We may just go and do it again in somebody else's neighborhood before the season is over.


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