Sunday, December 30, 2007

Beach pictures!!

So I realize it would take far too long to explain all of these pictures from our grand getaway.(That and frankly, who cares except those involved, but luckily those involved read this blog.) But instead I thought maybe someone might be interested in a slideshow. However if you are not, now would be an excellent time to check out. I wouldn't hold it against you. Although if you have been reading my blog thus far , you are aware of my complete narcissism and my need to show the world just all the super cute things my kids do on a daily basis. So get over it.

Having said that....I will give a couple descriptions....The ones that look like we were bowling in the living room are actually us playing our new Wii. For the 3 people on planet Earth that don't know what that is, it's an interactive video game system that makes you move around as if you were actually playing the sport. It's really fun......Also, there is one of Peanut where it looks like he is strapped to a chair. Well that is pretty much what is going on there. Our house came with a lot of things, but a high chair was not one of them. So we improvised. It worked just fine. It's just a little ghetto.



grandma B said...

You hit it when you said . . a whole lot of fun, doing a whole lot of nothing.

Good memories for sure.

Sandi B

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