Sunday, December 16, 2007

Very dangerous laundary basket

So when you have babies, you baby proof your house with all of the obvious dangers. Guns, knives, Chinese throwing stars. These are the obvious things that would clearly hurt a baby.

Ok having said that. I want to point your attention to the not so obvious.....

When learning to walk and walk well, you must take a few tumbles along the way.

When taking said tumbles.....try not to fall cheek bone first into the edge of a laundry basket in the middle of the floor. Because you wouldn't want to end up with an enormous shiner that just looks downright suspicious would you?

End result...

Laundry basket - 1
Peanut - 0


Mari said...

Just keep him away from the very dangerous pudding.

Grandma B said...

Ok . . . so that just about made grandma cry when she saw it. But, then both dad and Aunt Mari have close up pictures with shiners - might as well keep the tradition going.

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