Sunday, December 16, 2007

Six year olds and scissors...

They generally make for a bad mix. I know that kids need to learn how to use scissors and all, but why oh why do they always go straight for the hair cutting?

Let me preface this by saying that I had gotten Bug a haircut the day before, and it was really overdue. He has the type of hair that is really thick and grows really fast. (Just like his Dad) So if I don't get his hair cut at least once a month, he gets what we call at our house "Bruce Lee hair". A big fluffy mushroom that goes everywhere. So anyway, he had just gotten a nice new haircut and looked all slick. Naturally everyone noticed and gave him compliments on his new do. Well, my guess is he wanted to take his new look to 11. So hew took matters into his own hands (Which just happen to be holding a pair of safety scissors)

And VIOLA!! We have ourselves a fabulous new look.

Like I said, all kids do this, but my only beef is....why oh why did it have to be right in front? So now we have this giant bald spot right in front. I can tell already that our Christmas pictures are going to rock! Between Sunshine's giant cat scratch across her face (see previous post) and Bug's rad new makeover.

They crack me up!


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