Saturday, June 21, 2008

What the heck?!!

So as we were closing up for the night, I went out to lock the cars, when Rockstar asks what is that? I look and sure enough, it was a coyote. Ok let me remind you we live completely in the city. This is something we have never seen in our nick of the woods. Rock star husband got the cats in and we watched it for a while.

I'm sorry we couldn't get a better picture, but our camera doesn't like the dark very much.

It seemed to be a pup as it really didn't mind us being out there with it. But even pups are dangerous, so we kept our distance.

Just thought it was interesting. Looks like the kids won't be playing across the street for a while :(

Husband here... Let me elaborate.

I saw it 'dancing' like it was chasing a bug. It'd take a couple steps forward then jump up and backwards a couple times.

I walked to the side of the cars and realized that there was something else out there.

Our cat, Merlyn.

So I crammed the camera in my pocket with no thought to the damage I was doing to the lens and started going: "Kitty kitty kitty."

Thankfully, Merlyn started to walk back to the cars. He got close enough that I could grab him, and he didn't play his usual game of "hard to get" when i try and pick him up.

This could have been an ugly sight tonight.
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