Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pure awesome!!

So yesterday we went down to the waterfront to check out the Rose festival here in Portland.

The past couple years the Rose festival has been sporting this ride that induces pure anxiety among most people. The ride is something that resembles a reverse slingshot where you sit in a pod with about 3,000 springs stretched to the limit and then it hurls you in the air with little holding on to you but a glorified seat belt. It is anchored to the ground by 2 large poles painted like the American flag and it blasts Metallica through enormous speakers to make sure that you hear it 10 stories up as you hurl to your impending death. If it
wasn't $25 for one ride, I would be all over it. I love me some extreme rides.

My husband loves this ride as well. not because he is into big rides. Because that would not be true in any way. Rides just aren't his thing. I try not to belittle his manhood because of this, but I am only human after all. But he loves it because this ride is set up directly in front of his office. On a sunny day if the windows are open, he can hear the blood curdling screams from the unsuspecting souls that think they can handle a ride like this. It is pure joy to listen to the screams over the blaring heavy metal music playing. It just never gets old. It is really entertaining. We are such broken people :)

Well along with the slingshot ride this year, they added a new ride. This one is basically just a giant construction crane with a seat attached to both ends. The crane then spins around at about 30 mph in a circle like a propeller. The seats however are just seats. They have no cage to keep the people in. So literally they could break loose and go sailing at full speed into the murky toxic waters of the Willamette river.

Sound like fun?

Even as I watched this one, I couldn't help but think it was just a little on the scary side.

We sat and watched it for about 15 minutes or so. In that time Bug started to get a little nervous that we were actually going to go on it. We assured him that we weren't we were just watching the people on it.He then had the best quote of the day.

"Good because those people aren't into it and saying "WOO" (imagine a smile and pumping a fist in the air) they were really saying "AAAHHHHH!" ( because they were terrified)."

** He also felt the need to do the motions as I wrote it out.

Smart kid that one.
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j said...

I got vertigo just looking up at this.

I was leaning with my back against a 4' concrete pillar that kept me from falling into the river.

I felt like the pillar was going to give way.

Honestly, I don't know what the next thrill ride is.

Maybe Guantanimo Waterboarding: The Ride.

Or just some old school Russian Roulette.

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