Saturday, June 28, 2008

There's 2 types of turtles in hawaii...

So, there's 2 types of turtles in hawaii.

There's the Galapagos turtles you see in the zoo.

They are behind a wall and look like this:

And then there's the kind you see on the beach where you are swimming and snorkeling.

Now, mind you, we don't have a zoom lens on our camera.

That picture isn't taken ala National Geographic at 200 yards with a telephoto lens.

This is taken just a few feet away.

Don't believe me?

Here's Jaqui looking at the turtle.

Something to keep in mind is that Jaqui isn't wild about being too close to the turtles.

She's fascinated, but a little creeped out.

So while she looks like she's really close, let's show you just how close you can be.

Yeah. That close.

But that's not all.

I was out snorkeling with them and I had an underwater camera.

It's not digital so I don't have the pictures yet, so you're going to have to come over to our house to see my photos.

But here's a teaser of what you can expect.

I was snorkeling and was literally (LITERALLY) less then a foot away, nose to nose, with a giant sea turtle and I took a picture of him.

This was a glorious day.

And to further tease you into coming over, I have taken a ton of photos with the underwater camera of tropical fish while snorkeling.

Best. Vacation. Ever.


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